Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[Interview]Moon Geun Young from W Korea April

Interview - Moon Geun Young from W Korea April

Finally, Moon Geun Young made an appearance with her hair fluffed up exaggeratedly. She came to us, looked cheerful, and was humming a tune. During the meeting with Designer Ji Chun-hui, Moon offered herself by self-motives the role of the pictorial concept as "Just like a woman about to vanish vaguely".
She then moved aside her cute bang, gently held her skirt. Absent-mindedly stood and sat idly, she preoccupied by the role totally. Before shooting, she raised her fresh voice and pleasant chatted with people who surrounding her, but when she putted on MISS JI COLLECTION costumes, she then turned into a solemn woman. During the filming, the photographers asked her to portrait the expressions of best actress, "Actress Moon Geun Young" gave her big eyes with few jumps, her eyes suddenly turned teary and then fell softly the pearl-like dewdrops. Yet, as the shooting was finished "Woman Moon Geun Young " smiles caught on her face shortly.
Her eyes blinked and said "In the beginning, felt like I was walking in a dreamland, when I saw camera filming in front of me, a historical movie scenes in my mind ”. Designer Ji Chun-hui nodded her agreement.
This is the encounter of designer and muse. Aroma lingered for a moment in the place where these three women passed by, just like Designer Ji Chun-hui's words: Woman is woman, they all feel like everyone to remember her most beautiful moment. Some images were in line they accumulated in the pass, another part was new, but almost everyone had the look as a blooming appearance, yet didn't dwell on the moment. The important things are - complete their own unique share of the timeless aroma, and the moment right now.

English translated by Ivy@Moonsclub


  1. nice! I love her always and forever -♥yoojie♥-

  2. can you do me a favor? will ask please to moon geun young if she's interested to go here in the philipines and meet her thousand of fans? i am an avid fan of her, so much...thanks you.. i'll wait for your reply.

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  4. i really like her !!!! even since i seen her in "tale of two sisters" :)) i just gotta say to her is "you're a grown woman moon Geun young !!! ".



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