Thursday, March 24, 2011

[Eng Trans] Jang Keun Suk interview in ANAN Magazine

the most popular Korean artist in Japan is Jang geun suk, after the airing of You're Beautiful, he won great popularity. The ticket for his fan meeting sold very well at the end of last year, even the fact that 30 radio stations broadcasting

the event simultaneously became a hot topic. it is such a shining shining star that is going to debut his first album as a singer on Mar 23rd! as a true actor(it just mean not an idol), why did he want to sing? "The first reason to debut a singer's album is: many fans have such expectations, so I want to thank my fans by songs of Jang geun suk's identity, rather than only by the characters/roles in drama, this is my gift to them".

Well, the drama which is on air (DATV) now, the beautiful vocal in the drama received praise too. Even a few years ago, there are Korean company invited him to make his first album. ”Before I accepted the invitation, I spend long time to consider it, the important thing is, I should believe myself, I want to do things that I really want to do, so I accepted the invitation from the Japanese company”

Preparing for the first album, how can you still have time to do practice for Asian tour?(answered in Japanese)

“No time for practicing o~(laughed), so picked some songs that fit my own style best (the Chinese here is not readable), actually, I am in no means of a good singer, so I tried to use my actor skills to fix (laughed)”

The topics of songs “let me cry” and “bye bye bye”, both are losing love, Did Geun suk have such experience yourself?

“No wonder a question from a women’s magazine(laughed). Actually I had tried very hard to maintain a relationship with someone in the past, but at last, I lost the courage to continue, so I suggested to end the relationship, I suffered pain of breaking heart for a whole month. I had always believed that nothing is impossible if you try hard, but it seemed Love is not the case.”

Such a person, he likes feminine women.

“The woman catch my heart, should have a warm and kind heart toward things and people around, the appearance doesn’t really matter. Of course, it would be happier if she looks lovely. In more details, long hair, curved, and looks good in short/mini skirt”.

What would he do if he got to know such a lady in Japan?

“Ah ha haha, what should I do? Call her directly (laughed), but the charm of a person, does not depend on the appearance, first thing is to know more about her, sure if she is really good, I would actively initiate the going after/dating! In fact I would like to try meeting/dating with some foreign girl with foreign culture. If we got language problems in communication, I would write love letters in Japanese, and give her the letter in person on her way back after our dating. Will the Korean fans get angry if I talked this way? Then he made a face and laughed.

Not long before, there’s a show in korea, I was so excited and I took off my T-shirt. The Korean fans told me that I should never took off my clothes in front of Japanese fans, sign.(laughed), but the Japanese fans expected my performance very much too.(Laughed), well, I am an artist that bring happiness to everyone, please expect more from me in the future.

[c] and translated by: Andrew Keesler


  1. When did he have this interview?

  2. foreign girl? dating? I'm here!!~ haha!!

  3. I will put on a wig for you, sukkie....and work on toning my calfs. hahaha

  4. oh my sukky you're the best sweetheart



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