Monday, March 14, 2011

Jang Keun Suk donates 10 million yen to Japan Red Cross

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Jang Keun Suk’s Japanese website company Frau has announced on 14 March 2011 that according to JKS’ intention, they have on his behalf applied to Japan Red Cross today to donate 10 million yen (around US$ 122,000), together with his message “Hope that disaster victims can resume normal life as soon as possible”.

JKS’ album release on 23 March and Tokyo Showcase on 27 March are still under discussion.

Chinese translation by Huamop


Credits: KeunSukChina+ jangkeunsukforever's blog


  1. Japan disaster actually bad news for his debut album, 1st showcase and You're My Pet 1st filming which is planned in Japan also BUT at the same time his heart also focus to the victim and maybe he have many friend there...he must be love Japan very much_

    thank you Jang Geun Suk you're so kindhearted ....we hope you'll get more and more success in you life and carrier -LOVE YOU-

  2. You have a good heart equal to your good look... keep it up!

  3. I am not surprised that he is donating to the Japan Red Cross directly because he knows that through them it will be distributed to the one who need it most. I read about some of his charities and felt that he is a very compassionate man. I wish that people would always see him as a good man instead of one mistake he make and they make a big deal of it right away. He is only human and should always remember that good deed more than mistake that was not even intentional done. All the best for JGS and more blessing. God be with you always JGS.

  4. lovely as always my beloved geun suk...

  5. He is a beautiful person inside and outside...No question about it!!!!



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