Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Translated interview of JGS & MGY on Yashimanman (only cut some parts)

MGY talks about love and dreams. Blah..Blah..

Moon Geun Young: How about you? (pointing at JGS)

Host: Do you agree on Moon Geun Young's answer?

Jang Geun Suk: Of course i agree. Why cant agree with her? I think im tensed and brainwashed here! (JGS hiding his face. MGY blushing, and smiling)

Host:So if you agreed with each other,can you hold your hands?Why you are like that?

(MGY & JGS both smiling and blushing)

(Host is joking)

(MGY & JGS hold their hands together)

Host: The compitition getting hotter.. blahbhahbah...

Host: On the other hand..Oh, look at this 2 children, they look happy spending time to each other. Come On!

(JGS keep smiling)

Host 2: These two kids have the same age right?

JGS:Yes, we are.

Host: Oh, so jealous to them..

(MGY close her eyes, suk smiling)

Host 3: So, its CONFIRMED! BlahBlah..


  1. I really appreciate all the effort that you've put into this couple. I feel so blessed knowing that there is someone who shares the same interest as I do. Thank you very much!;-)

  2. why do I feel that your translation is somewhat misleading...? coz those sentences were not in sync with the scene...
    Bfore they linked their fingers (MGY & JGS), MGY linked her finger first(the same pose as with JGS) with the man on her right side (saw this on another vid). afterward.... I dont know what they were talking, but somehow they asked s'thing to JGS, and MGY try to help to solve the akwardness by offerinng cooperation to JGS by saying "...kacci...blablabla". as far as I know that means LET'S DO IT TOGETHER, not HOW ABOUT YOU. And JGS answered NE and blushed then covered his face shyly, which I understand means YES, not OF COURSE I AGREE ....etc etc...
    Would you please clarify and it would be nice if you translate the whole episode, I've watched the whole episode but the translation is in vietsub, I dont understand, just guessing....
    And BTW, it is not to promote My Little Bride, but to Promote Innocent Step, bcoz the male main cast in IS was there too and MGY and him were asked to perform their dance in IS in this program... TQ...



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