Wednesday, March 16, 2011

GeunGeun Analysis


❤ 张根硕(장근석)Jang Keun Suk

文根英(문근영)Moon Geun Young ----* 두근:双根 Geunkeun

두근두근 = 扑通扑通(韩语发音) heart beating(Korean pronunciation)

在韩国称扑通情侣 在中国称双根情侣

Called heart beating cp in Korea and GeunKeun cp in China

❤同龄 (1987年)属兔

same age,born in 1987,under the year of rabbit

❤童星出身:张根硕 1997年出道 / 文根英1999年出道

Child star:Jang Keun Suk's showbiz debut in 1997/Moon Geun Young in 1999

❤同出演过 KBS Dramacity《锅巴老师和七个马铃薯》cooperated in KBS Dramacity

(张根硕/饰允成 文根英/饰韩美素)

❤共同兴趣:欣赏音乐,跳舞 same interests:listening to the music and dancing


love drinking wine: They both like drinking wines


angels:They both actively donate and help others

❤童颜 & 成熟:俩人都比起年纪 拥有着年幼的脸,还有比起年纪很成熟 多思多虑的演员.

babyface & mature: They both look younger but more mature and considerate than their ages





fans' nickname:Moon Gen Young fans---bear(곰)

Jang Keun Suk fans---eel(장어)

bear(곰)+eel(장어)=Eptatretus burgeri (korean 곰장어)

combining bear and eel means another eel's name

❤公司名:张根硕《 tree-j company》(tree:树)

文根英《namoo(树的韩语发音) actors》<树艺人>

Companies'names:Jang Keun Suk《tree-j company》(tree:树)

Moon Geun Young《namoo(tree's pronunciation in Korean) actors》<树艺人>

❤ 2004 一同出演MBC娱乐节目 cooperate in an entertainment program of MBC

2008.4 一同出演 《夜心万万》 coopearte in Korean talk show

2009.12 一同主持2009年SBS演技大赏 Host the SBS Award together

2009.2 一起颁奖 present the award together

2010.11 携手出演 KBS电视剧《玛丽外宿中》 Meet in

2011... ...







(继续下去...)to be continued

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