Thursday, March 3, 2011

Coincidence or not?

Lets go back on the month of February after the valentines day. Well to our fellow GeunGeun Shippers, lets start the flashback!

This post came from Vam of GSI Team ^__^


On 15,Feb,Suk and Moon were both online nearly at the same time
and Moon updated her cy between 10:30 to 11:00,Suk updated his Iapanese fanwesite between 10:15 to 12:00
Messages they left seemed that they were chatting,and Moon is comforting Suk.
The following is the details
Suk:he said he had this feeling that I was locked in somewhere,and he didn't want this life.
Moon:It will get better tomorrow.
Suk:he said that sincerity will be seen whenever it is
Moon:gradually,it will be seen one bye one
Suk:he said fans felt disapponted about him,it's ok.Cuz he hated himself that he can't take good control over himself....giveing up hope as soon as he arrived at Osaka and can't take care of himself。He said it's his fault
Moon:planing is somewhat exaggerating,fact is kinda shabby。But don't be defeated.(this message was deleted by Moon)


Suk's message was that he said his body is not well as before,and there were many unkown words.
Moon updated two songs.It has been said Moon played the two songs in 2009.kekek.Seems not for little bear?
and the words on pic are i love you~
messages Moon left: I did well? keku,will miss.....really
Remember Moon said painting is missing in Painter of Wind.kkekke,today's message i love you,what did it represent for?

Coinceidence or not? ^^


  1. off course not !
    it was just PR for the MSOAN press con, so don't be too hard Suk become a couple Moon in their real life :))))



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