Friday, March 18, 2011

The story behind Moon Geun Young's nickname Bong

This is a capture of a post made by MGY on 2008.01.28 of her best friend's letters to her.

Moon Geun Young has had many nicknames in the past, most notably the Nation's Little Sister. She has also been given the nickname of a Charity Angel for consistently donating to charities, and has even been called by the names of her previous projects like Gamja (Potato), etc. Now, she is often simply referred to as MGY, Moon or Moons by her international fans.

But her most commonly used nickname by her Korean fans and which she uses herself is Geun Bong or Bong (for short). [Note: Bong is pronounced with the long o sound like in bone.] With her best friend they formed the BongBong Sisters. They took the 2nd part of their names and replaced it with Bong. The same was done with her best friend's name who she calls Hye Bong.
[Note: We pointed out MGY's nickname Geun Bong (근봉) visible in some of the letters. The note below the picture, which has been translated to English, was also written by MGY.]

My best friend, my other half Hye Bong's letters.
Since the time from when we have met, till now...
The heartfelt letters which you sent to me.
Just as these letters are precious, to me Hye Bong is a precious person.
Always without change, protecting me by my side, my friend who I love.
Always thankful! labong~labong~Hye Bong♡

나의 단짝, 나의 반쪽 혜봉이의 편지.
우리가 만난 그 시간부터, 지금까지…
자신의 마음을 담아 나에게 전해준 편지들.
이 편지가 소중하듯이, 나에게 혜봉은 소중한 존재.
늘 변함없이 내 옆을 지켜주는 사랑하는 나의 친구.
항상 고마워! 라봉~라봉~혜봉♡

credits to and translated by Soompi Moons

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  1. I like Ur charecter in "Autumn in my heart very much"



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