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Jang Keun Suk's interview in Trendy magazine, April 2010 issue

Credit: trendy + aphrael77@jangkeunsukforever + Rongling

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Here is an excerpt of some true and false questions from Jang Keun Suk’s Taiwan Fan-meeting in March 2010.


O = True

X = False


Blood type is A. –> O

The place where JKS wants to be kissed most is his face. –> X

(JKS answer: Neck)

Most favourite drink is whisky. –> X

(JKS answer: Tea)

Number of actresses’ telephone contacts in mobile phone is more than 10 –> X

Most respected person is professor. –> X

(JKS answer: Parents)

First love is in Primary Six. –> X

(JKS answer: In secondary one, had a crush on teacher)

Most favourite colour is blue. –> X

(JKS answer: Khaki) * earth-coloured or beige

Most charming part is his smile –>X

(JKS answer: My sexy pose)

Most confident dance is Abracadabra of Brown Eyed Girls –> X

(JKS answer: 2pm’s “Heartbeat”)

Most favourite song is Lee Hong-Ki’s song –> X

(But JKS added “I love LHK”)

Most favourite activity is skiing –> X

(JKS said he is afraid of cold and doesn’t like the cold.)

Has studied in Australia –> X

(JKS answer: New Zealand)

Eat 3 meals a day –> X

Wash face 5 times after removing make-up –> X

Underwear size is S –>X

The color of underwear which he wore at this FM is black.–>X

The breakfast which he ate on the morning of this FM is Hong Kong dim sum –>X

(JKS answer: Japanese Pork chop)

* * * End of Q & A * * *

Coincidentally, in the same issue is another headline story about Choi Jong Hoon, the 2nd male lead in “You’re my Pet”, a casting that JKS said is “the best”, which featured a description of Choi.

“Regarded as a pretty boy with sculpture-perfect looks, Jong Hoon is a man of few words but often smiles genteelly like a prince, charming but out of reach. He may appear indifferent, but he always observes everything that is happening, and at appropriate times via a look or small gesture reminds his team-mates to take note of certain things. And he is completely a poker-faced joker who often “shocks” his audience into laughter with his bold statements, while he maintains a slight smile on his face. Jong Hoon is a guy who will divulge his true character after one gets to know him better – when he is in a good mood, he will even whistle a tune in front of others and take a stroll.”


  1. hahaha... MGY also dislike cold ;D

  2. hahaha...that means his tw EELS didn't know him better than he is..
    he is hard to guess, even when he is very extrovert..



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