Sunday, April 10, 2011

[09.04.2011] Jang Keun Suk - Entertainment Relay

credit: LungEe100 @ YouTube

Here's the english translation (GeunGeun part only) ^^
Chinese translation by mee@GG baidu
translated by vam, carole and huanerxu @GG baidu

(vam translation)
The host mentioned the alley kiss scene
JKS: I did it wildly, after that, I asked the director: Does it look dirty?
(huanerxu translation)
JKS: I kissed very enthusiasticly and absolutely put myself into that kind of feeling. So after the scene, i asked the director if i acted too much that the kiss seemed a little dirty and didn't look very good.

(vam translation)
Host: How is Moon Geun Young doing recently?
JKS: She said she has put on some weight because got nothing to do during these days. However i think she looks fine, and even better.
(carole translation)
Host: How is Moon Geun Young recently?
JKS: She said she's gaining weight because of too much leisure, but i don't think so (she's not getting fat at all), instead i feel her face looks even better.

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