Saturday, April 16, 2011

[20110412] SKKU Student Accounts

Currently in my medieval literature class! We're having a discussion now! It's fun even though it's hard! But it's really hardㅠㅠ!! Today is Moon Geun Young's presentation day!

She's working really hard answering questions~ she's skinny....

This is by another SKKU student:

As I was studying at a table in front of the E-library, there were people next to me studying really hard so I looked and I had eye contact with the person next to me. Oh? She looks like Moon Geun Young. It's Moon Geun Young kekekekekeke Moon Geun Young is studying next to me. Her face is so small and her eyes are so big.

Wow, she's studying so hard. She's teaching her friend.. her face is going to disappear I only see her eyes.. she has no makeup on and is dressed so modest… she's very skinny.

At first I wasn't sure it was her but I told my friend that she looks like Moon Geun Young kekekekekeke We had eye contact.. I think she knows that I recognized her kekekeke.

She's studying Korean literature extremely hard kekekeke

She's about 1 meter next to me kekekeke She's at the table right next to me. We're talking but they're studying.

We're at a table in some kind of hall in the economics department kekekekekekekekekeke I can't take a picture.. since she's a fellow student kekekeke

kekekeke Since she's studying.. I have to respect her kekekeke

Ah… she's studying from some Chinese character (han-moon) book that's open and saying juh jyuh dyuh.. saying things like juh is dyuh.. the nominative case is...

Yup, her short cut looks so good on her that I want to try it but I think it only looks good on her.

Yes, she's cute.

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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  1. How come when JGS is out of the country that there would be sighting of MGY in school when for the past few days has gone by while JGS is in SK, there were nothing! Do you mean, she doesn't go to school while he is around?!



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