Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jang Keun Suk & Kim Hyun Joong together in Lotte Duty Free Shop CF

Recently a photo of Jang Keun Suk & Kim Hyun Joong spread on the online community sites, that makes their fans catch the attention.

Lotte Duty Free Shop selected Jang Keun Suk and Kim Hyun Joong because of their popularity in Korea and around the asia.

The concept of showing this images is to show off the two people having a toxic.

Jang Keun Suk wears black outfit while Kim Hyun Joong wears white outfit.

Kim Hyun Joong's cute hairstyle, wearing white outfit with matching red scarfs and Jang Keun Suk's well captivated style, makes their pictorial more attractive.

One of the fans said, "Oh, look at the 2 black and white prince! Theyre cool, its really awesome that they work together in a CF!"



  1. lovely lovely *forever*

  2. i'm so curious... i mean i know at first jks is man when he has short hair.. but now i cant tell coz hes so girly.. what if he just discover that hes more happy to be a woman than a man??? of course he would not tell us...if its tru that hes a gay..i mean can somebody tell me or prove to me that hes not a gay??? pls. coz i like him ery much...

    1. he isn't..i hope.. but i know he isn't gay.!!

  3. jks is not gay.
    i don't know how to prove it, but i can feel it.
    he is not.

  4. you know what?? i don't know but i got a feeling that he and hes manager got relationship ... sorry but i just share my opinion..

  5. i thought i was the one who n0tice about the closeness of jks and his manager.. Ayt ! i mean that closeness wasnt n0rmal, th0ugh i like jks 'alot' i certainly hope n0t! PleasE !!!! Dont be.. :(

  6. me too i notice...
    yah can somebody tell us that it's not true... coz if ever i'll be a broken hearted...

    i love jks a lot!!

  7. Oh !!! why you think about JKS & his manager closeness was't normal ??????

    JKS very playful,kindness and good relationship with everybodt.

    Which you not have right ????

    So you think was't narmal !!!!

    Please !!!!!!!!! positive thinking for good your health & mind .

    Save world & Save your life >>>Hahahahaha

    World is a beautiful so doing good thing for everyone >>It better

    Open you eye for look around the world >>> stop blind heart now

    I love JKS & don't like you comment negative for him >>> I'm very upset

  8. I've see JKS and his manager before, I don't think their relationhip are abnormal or have somthing special.They are family, not only artist & manager.So that's special relationship for me.

    JKS's very good person, very kindness and very playful.

    Could you please support his work and look at JKS,that he is.>_<

  9. I'm very upset too. Don't do that with JKS. He is very nice and good mind. He is very happy with his life like this. He work hard and do the good thing to us. So pls change your mind and love him like me.
    We love JKS :)

  10. I think so paradisekiss comment

    JKS & his manager They are family, not only artist & manager

    Oh !!!! I like this & agree with you

    JKS & team are family so that relationship are very nice

    I so glad a lot which I 'm Fan club of him

    He is superstar & good person for me & all Fan club

    I'm trust him & don't like when know negative comment from person don;t know him

    but show bad thing for hearth of me !!!!

    Stop !!!!!!!!Stop !!!!!!!!!! Stop !!!!!!!!

    Negative thinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lillyjang said"""

    Everybody that anti jks & Manager..

    shutup and stop bad comment , stopped thinking

    very low.

    JKS & Manager are the good man.

    I love JKS.

  12. JKS isn't gay. I don't know what evidence will be taken to confirm but I can tell from the feeling that ever met him.

    JKS lovely, charming, playful, friendly and fun in his life a lot.

    I wanted to give people like him really open mind. Look at him and learn.

    And you get to know his real identity.

  13. Crytalrain said

    It's not that we don't accept your think..But it is impossible!! JKS is a guy from the begining. If you feel that way about him. You don't say You like him very much. You keep this word for another.

  14. JKS is shorter than KHJ ? I thought both were around 180 cms. JKS is on tip toe and even on elevated ground.

    What is this talk about JKS being gay? I know he likes wearing feminine clothes but many Korean stars do that. This is the first time hearing about JKS this way.

  15. guys relax... where just saying our opinion and not because where ati jks. as i say i love jks its just that im curious about it coz its bothering me. i mean i'm watching his video pic. and everything thats why i just asking if i'm the only one who notice..i know he loves making fun but look is there any gay fans out there of jks? because if you where a gay you could tell us right?you can smell it.gay just have gaydars. A radar for gay.

    so sorry for this i love you sukkie thats why i want to prove that your not a gay to the people and specially to my self...

  16. ,wo0oh.. gUys chill. im s0rry 4 the people i oFfended ,that was just my opinion based on what i see, maybe the wr0ng was on me, dont misundersto0d me.. Im n0t anti jKS.. infact ! I am a hugE fan of him :D his sMile ! Really r0cks ! again my dEePEST s0RRY !

  17. I am curious too now.. I always thought he has such manly looks but when I saw his vids, I was so shocked.. His attitute is so girly.. i dont like girly guys ( sorry, its my personal opinion) and I was shocked.. and his clothes are so wierd and feminine.. maybe he should change his stylist or is it his personal style..

    Suk, prove me wrong too because I think you are a great actor just not my style of a guy..

  18. jks is absolutely not gay, he has girlfriends before you know, and he even date girls that are older than him before. his clothes are just like that its his own way of fashion. i love jks and i also feel upset when someone says negative.. =)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I think he is gay... Im going crazy gaga over him for a while now and been watching all his shows, movies, tours and videos in youtube. By the way he moves especially when he put his hair sideways.. but ofcourse im still crossing my fingers.. HE IS NOT GAY. Wishing he's just efeminate or metrosexual.

  21. But i think he's a very jolly person and very kind and loving. Even if he's gay.. I would still love him. Hardworking and has a big heart. :)

  22. i love JKS, & i think he's not gay.
    maybe a metrosexual because of his unique fashion sense.

    but i do also agree to some comments about his manager. his gestures towards sukkie kinda bothers me at times...

    well, peace out to all!

  23. What ever he is still I love him
    Guys don't base what he wear,looks cuz we call that fashion style..
    In he looks adorable,cute most of all I love his hair a lot.
    Many Korean do the same but few of them including jks looks hot.
    I think he's manager in jks has a good relationship as a family a frend that he always their for our prince...Prince JKS fighting!!!!!!

  24. If Jang Geun Suk coudln't control his self and is ready to reveal that he is gay. I will stop supporting. I will hate him for the rest of my life. Because I really really hate gays!
    Gays will only destroy the life of a man! And I will never ever watch his drama! Since he is my favorite actor, I will replace him. I will make Mario Maurer and Lee Dong Wook as my favorite actors.

  25. Justin Bieber is gay !! not JGS. (=^.^=)
    Saranghaeyo, Jang Guen Suk! (:

  26. When i started watching his dramas and films i only thought he was a great actor and love his songs so anything else does not matter, i mean i am not going to marry him, no fan is going to marry him so i just admire him, good luck

  27. Well, I know his manager has a girlfriend. Someone sported them dating. JKS used to date two older gf too. They are together for quite some years. So they are not gay.

  28. I can't believe all of the rumors that are circulating around ...... He can't be gay :(

  29. i'm kinda bothered too...is he really gay? well, i hope he s not...he is my only favorite korean actor at the moment and if he comes out i will surely be hurt...



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