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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 9

Chapter 09: Missing You (synopsis)

Lee Hwan back to his office. He flashed back Jung In's face and thought for a while with his sharp eyes...


In Jung In's car.

Jung In: What was happen just now? That guy looks mysterious for me.

Mae-ri: No, That's not is. Actually... that guy... used to have feeling with me back in high school. But...I don't have any feeling towards him. Plus, all my friends said that he is weird but i don't think so until he confess to me that he likes me. From that day, i never talked to him. And now... i feel a little bit awkward to him. Actually, i am the one who is guilty here...

Jung In: Whatever it is, you better take care of yourself, from now until Mu-kyul back.


At the same time, Mu-kyul have finish his rehersal and called Mae-ri.

Mu-kyul: Hello, Mae-ri ahh.

Mae-ri: Oh...Mu-kyul ahh... Where have you been?

Mu-kyul: I'm sorry. I've been busy lately. But, i already promise you that i will call you everyday, right?

Mae-ri: Ermm! How your preparation for the concert?

Mu-kyul: Great. We're doing fine. Mae-ri ahh...i miss you so much!

Mae-ri: I miss you too.

Jung In: Ahemm..!!

Mu-kyul: Who is that?? I can hear someone voice!

Mae-ri: It's nobody. Just Jung In ssi..

Mu-kyul: (shocked) Jung In? What?! What he's doing there?

Mae-ri: He just sending me home. Don't worry...

Mu-kyul: Fine. I call you back later.

Mu-kyul jealous because he can't see Mae-ri and miss her badly.

Ri-no: Mu-kyul! Let's continue, shall we?

Mu-kyul: Ye... I'll be right there.


Meanwhile, at the restaurant.

Mae-ri's dad: No. Let's stop this. I don't want to know anything from you. (standing)

Jung In's dad: No. It's not what you think.

But, it's too late. Mae-ri's dad already leave.


Hwa-young and Ji-hye walking together at outside of their college.

Ji-hye: It's been a long time, we cannot hang out together. Let's go out together sometimes!

Hwa-young: I can't. After class, i have to go works.

Ji-hye: I see... You cannot go with me to my friend concert and busy with your works... How about you join me later to meet my friends? It's gonna be fun!

Hwa-young: Alright, if i have time then...


Hwa-young arrived at Mu-kyul's concert set and take a mineral bottle. Then, she saw Mu-kyul step down from stage. Hwa-young went to Mu-kyul.

Hwa-young: Oppa!

Mu-kyul: (turn to Hwa-young) Oh.. Little Hwa-young!

Hwa-young: (smiled then give him a mineral bottle)

Mu-kyul: Gomawo...

Hwa-young: Oppa... How your rehearsal doing great?

Mu-kyul: Ye... we're doing just fine. (Mu-kyul's handphone ringing)..Catch you later! (leave Hwa-young)

Mu-kyul: Hello.

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ahh... did you angry with me?

Mu-kyul: ...A little...

Mae-ri: I'm sorry...

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh... i miss you. i want to meet you before my first concert tomorrow.

Mae-ri: What? But how? How far is your place from here?

Mu-kyul: It's only 2 hours driving. Well, i contact you later, okay. I have to continue rehearsing (off his phone)

Mae-ri: Is he in his right mind?


Seo Jun was driving her car and suddenly his father called.

Seo Jun's father: Seo Jun, I want to meet you now. There something important i want to tell.

Seo Jun arrived at her father's house. They sat at the living room and talk about something.

(by the end of conversation)

Seo Jun's dad: I want you... to give up acting.


Jung In arrived at his house. Suddenly Lee Hwan came to him.

Lee Hwan: Hye, you! (suddenly, he hit Jung In at his face)

Jung In nose bleeding.

Lee Hwan: (pull Jung In's collar) Don't ever get close to my Mae-ri!

To be continued...

© Hanimizuki

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