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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 7


Chapter 07: Met An Old Friends? (synopsis)

Hwa-young was finishing up her painting of Kang Mu-kyul and suddenly Ji-hye entered the studio.

Ji-hye: Hwa-young ahh?? What are you doing here? It’s break time. Let’s have lunch together?

Hwa-young: Ohh.. can you wait a little bit? I want to finish my painting first.

Ji-hye looked at the painting surprisingly.

Ji-hye: Omo! That is Kang Mu-kyul!

Hwa-young: Of course is him. You must know him because he is vocalist in an indie band whom progressively increasing nowadays…

Ji-hye: Ye… I know him. He is friend of mine. (feeling proud)

Hwa-young: Are you kidding me? He is popular. People will not believe in you even if you said that.

Ji-hye: But, it’s true! My friend is a girlfriend of him. (poiting at Hwa-young’s painting but Hwa-young didn’t listen to it)… But,… the way you paint this without any single photos of him to refer… it seem like you already know him.

Hwa-young: Ye… Long time ago…


At Jung In’s house.

Jung In: Abeoji, I have to go to the funeral now. Seo Jun’s eomonnie had passed away…

Jung In’s dad: Ye… You may go..

Jung In: Abeoji, when did you want to meet the person that I already know?

Jung In: It’s not your business. You may go now.

Jung In leave the house. Meanwhile, Jung In’s dad were thinking then continue his breakfast.


Mu-kyul and his band arrived at the hotel.

All of them have to take a rest before their first concert tomorrow. Mu-kyul then called Mae-ri to tell her that he has arrived safely and asked Mae-ri if she alright there and told Mae-ri to take care herself and the baby in her belly. Meanwhile, Mae-ri’s dad was closely to Mae-ri’s headphone to hear their conversation.

Mae-ri: Appa! Can you see I’m talking with mu husband!

Mae-ri’s dad: What? I’m just checking what both of you saying!

After the conversation between Mae-ri and Mu-kyul:

Mae-ri’s dad: Yaa…Mae-ri ahh… Is it true that you pregnant?

Mae-ri: Appa! Don’t you believe it?

Mae-ri’s dad: You know… your stomach didn’t….you know…big like your mom.

Mae-ri: Appa! My pregnancy only about 2 months. What did you expect?

Mae-ri’s dad silent.


Jung In arrived at Seo Jun’s mom funeral. Seo Jun cried and regret at the same time. Jung In saw the pains of Seo Jun and didn’t want to disturb her. Then, Seo Jun saw Jung In at the entrance. She then went to Jung In and laid her head at Jung In. Jung In put his hand at Seo Jun’s shoulders.


Ji-hye and Hwa-young outside the college.

Ji-hye: Hwa-young ahh… Would you like to join me and my other friend to see Mu-kyul’s band perform at their mini tour concert? My friend got the tickets for free!

Hwa-young: …I can’t… I have works to do…

Ji-hye: It’s too bad… I can show you my friends to you.


Hwa-young arrived at the set of a concert. She then look at a piece of paper holds at her hand.

Hwa-young: This is it!

Hwa-young went to a place where everybody were busy preparing for a concert.

Hwa-young: Excuse me, I’m the one who volunteers to help for these concerts.

Man A: Oh! (Check his files) You are… Lee Hwa-young? (Hwa-young nods) Okay, wear this pass so that people can recognize you are workers in here. (He give Hwa-young the pass to wear) And, can you help bring these boxes to backstage? (he leave)

Hwa-young wear the pass and start to lift the boxes. She went to backstage and suddenly at the same time, Mu-kyul and his band at there too. Hwa-young saw Mu-kyul talking to someone and suddenly the boaxes felt onto the ground…


Mae-ri went outside to find a new jobs but failed. She went back home and saw a letter in font her house. She opened the letter and read that she has been offered to become a writer for an office. She was really surprised and decided to give it a try and went to the office address. She met a woman at the counter and show her the letter. A woman showed her the room and Mae-ri entered… She saw a table and a man standing opposite of her but she just saw his back of body as he was looking outside the window.

Mae-ri: Excuse me, sir… but I get an offered to be a writer at here…so I would like to give it a try.

Slowly… A man standing in front of him turned back and their eyes met…

Lee Hwan: Wi Mae Ri. Long time no see… (he smiled)

To be continued…

What will happen next? Stay tuned for Chapter 8.

© Hanimizuki

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