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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 8


Chapter 08: The Beginning of Story (synopsis)

Lee Hwan: Wi Mae-ri. Long time no see... (smiled)

Mae-ri was really shocked. She flashed back. On the top of school roof back in high school...

Mae-ri: Are you okay? What is your name?

Lee Hwan: (crying)...Lee..Lee... Hwan...

Finally, Mae-ri remembered him.

Mae-ri: Lee Hwan?

Lee Hwan: At last, you still remember me... (smiled)


The boxes felt onto the ground. Man A who saw the incident quickly went to Hwa-young and scolded her.

Man A: Aigoo... What did you do? This is all important things for the concert! You're new here but you already make a mess!

Mu-kyul saw what happen and went to Man A.

Mu-kyul: It's okay. Just give her one more chance.

Man A: (Looking at Hwa-young) Make sure you didn't repeat it again! (leave)

Hwa-young kept silent. Mu-kyul lifted the boxes and gave to Hwa-young. Hwa-young took the boxes from Mu-kyul and she felt something doesn't right. Mu-kyul about to leave...

Hwa-young: Don't you remember me?

Mu-kyul turned back wondered.

Hwa-young: It's me. Lee Hwa-young.

Mu-kyul: Lee...Lee Hwa-young?? Little Hwa-young??(laugh) I even cannot recognize you now! You are so grown up now! You become more prettier!

Hwa-young: (Blushed)

Leo: Ya..Mu-kyul! We're gonna start the rehearsal in 5 minutes! (he then looking at Hwa-young)

Mu-kyul: Okay! Little Hwa-young... i have to go first (smiled and went off to Leo)

Leo: Mu-kyul... who is that pretty girl?

Mu-kyul: Why? You like her? (laugh)


Seo Jun walking on the road wearing her big sunglasses to hide her identity like she usuals did. She stopped at newspapers and magazines shop. Then, she saw her name at the first page of entertainment newspapers. She read the main title, 'Seo Jun's new scandal is a director?'. Then, she saw a photos of her and Jung In were hug at the funeral. Seo Jun leave angrily without even paid.

Seo Jun at Jung In's office.

Seo Jun: What is this?

Jung In: (looking at the newspaper)

Seo Jun: I ask you, what is this nonsense!!

Jung In: It's not my fault. You are the one who walking to me that time.

Seo Jun: But, why you didn't said anything!!

Jung In: Calm down. You always used to these kind of situations.

Seo Jun: Not this time! Not after my mom funeral! (leave)


At Mae-ri's house. DING DONG! Mae-ri's appa opened the door.

As soon as he opened the door... Jung In's dad is there.

Jung In's dad: Wi Dae Han.

Mae-ri's appa shocked.


Mae-ri is still in Lee Hwan's office.

Mae-ri: But... why are you here? I thought you already move to England.

Lee Hwan: I'm back. (smiled) I hate living at there. I love being in here more.

Mae-ri: (feeling uncomfortable while she smiled at him) So, you came back and working in here?

Lee Hwan: Yes... I'm in charge in here. So, what do you think about that job? A writer?

Mae-ri: Well... I want to try... Because i need work for now... But, i can said that i love script-writing mor...

Lee Hwan: I see... So, could i show your place to work?

Lee Hwan brought Mae-ri to her desk where she have to work there.


Jung In's dad and Mae-ri's dad in the restaurant. Mae-ri's dad felt uncomfortable. But, he still eat his food anyway.

Jung In's dad: I want to meet you long time ago after i last seen you. But, i have to back to Japan with Jung In. I want to explain something to you.

Mae-ri's dad: (stop eating) About what? Explain what?

Jung In's dad: About, Mae-ri's eomma.


Lee Hwan and Mae-ri walked together on the road.

Lee Hwan: Are you sure you don't want me to send you home?

Mae-ri: No, thanks. I can take a bus.

At the same time, Jung In saw Mae-ri walking and he slowed down his car and called out Mae-ri's name.

Jung In: Mae-ri ssi!

Mae-ri: (shocked) Ah..Jung In!!

Jung In: Where do you want to go? I can send you.

Mae-ri: Oh, I... I need to go some groceries!! (looked at Lee Hwan) I'm sorry. But, i have to go with Jung In. (quickly entered Jung In's car) (both of them leave)

Lee Hwan looked at the car with his eyes sharp. He fist his hands looking angrily...

To be continued...

© Hanimizuki

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