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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 3

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Episode 03 : Will You Be the Witness? (synopsis)

Kang Mu-kyul proposed to Wi Mae-ri and he wanted to get marry right away with her before their neighbors find out about Mae-ri's pregnancy. The only problems they have right now is they don't have enough money to marry with the proper way which is usually the marriage should be. Moreover, Mae-ri's dad will surely disapprove their acts. Mu-kyul suggested to register first their marriage before they held the actual marriage and wedding ceremony at least until Mu-kyul has a large amount of money.

Mu-kyul and Mae-ri went out together to find a pairs of cheaper rings to wear for their temporary marriage. They decided to wear it first anyway before they can afford the real one. Mae-ri and Mu-kyul make a small party only for both of them to celebrate before they get marry until they discover that they don't have any one witness to their marriage yet!


Meanwhile, Seo Jun is in her hotel room and playing with her mobile phone looking so bored. Then, she remembered the scene where Jung In brought her to a bookstore whenever she feel stressed and wanted to have some peace moments.

Seo Jun decided to walk around her hotel places and started to search for a near bookstore there. She then discovered an old bookstore and entered the shop. While Seo Jun was searching for a book to read, she suddenly realize Mae-ri in there wearing a red apron and holding a lot of books.

Seo Jun: Wi Mae-Ri?

Mae-ri: (turn back and looking surprise) Seo-jun ssi...


Mae-ri and Seo Jun went out together and have a little chit-chat at a small bakery shop near an old bookstore. Seo Jun ask what happen to Mae-ri script-writer jobs and why she's living here and did she still with Mu-kyul. Mae-ri answered that after Jung In successful drama 'Wonderful Life', he decided to make a japanese drama and went to Japan with his dad. She couldn't come along because she wanted to stay with Mu-kyul and ran away from their dad because of his willful disapproval of their relationship even-though he can accept that Jung In and her did not have any kind of special relationship. Seo Jun added that after the drama become popular, she won a few awards and get a lot of film and drama offer and now she had finished filming a movie in China and decided to take a rest. Seo Jun also revealed that she was tired in showbiz but she realizes that there no other things than acting that she can do. Seo Jun even congratulate to Mae-ri for having a long relationship with Mu-kyul and admit even she could not stand with a long relationship.


Mu-kyul went to a company where he signed the contract with them. The manager told him that many sponsored came and wanted him to make a tour concert and these time a lot of large amount of income that he can get than before. Mu-kyul went back home and thought that he can't leave Mae-ri alone with her conditions but he can't also let go the large income because he need the money so he can fulfill their dreams to get marry in more proper way.


Mae-ri and Seo Jun leave the bakery shop as Mae-ri has to continue her jobs at the bookstore. Mae-ri and Seo Jun seperate but then Mae-ri remember something and quickly called out Soe Jun's name...

Mae-ri, Mu-kyul and Seo Jun all gather in Mae-ri and Mu-kyul's place in silent. Then...

Seo Jun: Why on earth i have to be your witness for your marriage?? Are you that desperate to get marry??

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ah... i don't think this is a good idea. What about your friends??

Mae-ri: I don't want to tell them. They will surely tell my dad about it. Mu-kyul ahh... this is for the sake of our child... the faster we get marry the better...

Seo Jun: What! Who's child?? Omo! Don't tell me...(looking at Mae-ri and Mu-kyul twice)... Yaa!!! Kang Mu-kyul!! Did you ever think the effects?? Aigoo...

Both Mu-kyul and Mae-ri sat silently. Finally, Seo Jun agree to be their witness for the sake of their child.

On the next day, three of them went to marriage registration office and register as an official married couple. Mu-kyul and Mae-ri went out to the office happily as their registration complete and Seo Jun decided to go back to her hotel.

On the way back to her hotel, Seo Jun got a phone call with unknown number.

Unknown: Seo Jun?

Seo Jun: ...abeoji..??


Lee Hwan arrived at his bulding office and head up to his room. He quickly find a photo of a girl. And dialed up a number.

Lee Hwan: Soo-Min(assistant), Let that guys enter to my office now.

Three guys walked in to Lee Hwan's office room and stood still.

Lee Hwan: You guys, I want three of you to search this girl for me... (he then pass the photo of a girl to them)

The photo of a girl turn out to be... Mae-ri??

To be continue...

What will happen next? Why Seo Jun's dad suddenly call her out of sudden? Why Lee Hwan try to find Mae-ri?

[Notes] : In case you wanna know who i imagine Lee Hwan is... Yoon Si Yoon!!

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  1. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing with us the 2nd season fanfic.It's interesting and enough well built plot. But I have a request: COULDN'T YOU AVOID AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE "THAT ANNOYING, unbearable FATHER OF MAE RI'S"? Uh, he made a hell of my life while watching the drama! Any way , I want to read the next chapter!



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