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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter6

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Characters & Cast

Jang Geun Suk as Kang Mu-kyul

Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae-ri

Kim Hyo Jin as Seo Jun

Yoon Si Yoon as Lee Hwan

Kim Jae Wook as Jung In

Kim So Eun as Hwa-young

Chapter 06: Back to Old Place (synopsis)

Mae-ri and Mu-kyul were very shocked to see their rent house was burning in front of them. A woman came to them and asked.

Woman A: Are you living here?

Mae-ri: Ye... What happen to our house?

Woman A: I don't know but (flash back) before your house burn, i saw a suspicious man in front of your house. I don't know what he's been looking for...

Mae-ri and Mu-kyul looked at each other clueless. Who is the person that make all of these? Mu-kyul worried that now they don't have a place to stay and then he decided to contact Seo Jun for help.


All of them gathered at Seo Jun's house. Suddenly, Jung In came to visit Seo Jun and surprised to see Mae-ri and Mu-kyul in Seo Jun's house.

All of them sit and discuss about the incident just happen. Mu-kyul refused to stay at Seo Jun's house because she is celebrity and people might curious if they saw Mu-kyul and Mae-ri goes in and out of Seo Jun's house. Then, Jung In invited Mae-ri and Mu-kyul to stay at his house but Mae-ri refused because she doesn't want to trouble Jung In and his dad. Mae-ri then decided to go back to her dad...


Lee Hwan at his office. He smiled while looking at Mae-ri's old pictures in high school.


Mae-ri, Mu-kyul, Seo Jun and Jung In went to Mae-ri's old house where her dad live. Mae-ri's dad (Wi Dae Han) was suprised to see all of them in front of his house. and immediately close the door but open it up anyway. Mae-ri's dad was really angry with her and hit her repeatedly and unexpectedly Mae-ri said.

Mae-ri: Appa!! If you hit me you will hurt my child!!

Mae-ri's dad: What child?... omo..omo..omo.. did you said your child? Then... (he then hit Mu-kyul) What did you to my daughter! Answer me!!

Mae-ri: Appa!! We already married!!

Mae-ri's dad and Jung In: Married??

At the same time, Jung In also surprised with the news and looking at Seo Jun without any respond from her.

All of them, gather at living room. All of them having chit-chat and discussion about Mae-ri and Mu-kyul's discussion about their situation. Mae-ri's dad finally agree to allow Mae-ri and Mu-kyul stay in that house.


Seo Jun and Jung In walked along the road. They talked about Mae-ri and Mu-kyul. Then, Jung In talked about Seo Jun to come with him to Japan to make a cameo appearance in his latest Japanese drama. But, Seo Jun refused and still said that she want to take a rest and she want to be with her mother. Seo Jun got a called that her mom already passed away about a minute ago. Seo Jun was shocked and asked Jung In permission before she leave him. Jung In watch Seo Jun running away.

Seo Jun rushed back home but it was too late. Her mom already gone. Seo Jun cried out loud...


Mae-ri and Mu-kyul sleep that night together in their room. They having a little chit-chat as Mu-kyul have to leave Mae-ri tomorrow for his mini tour concert. Mae-ri's dad was really suspicious with them in a room together. And listen to their conversation closely in front of the door. Mae-ri knew what happen and open the door quickly and Mae-ri's dad eventually fell down.

Mae-ri: Appa!

Mae-ri's dad: This is what father should do..


On the next morning, Mu-kyul packed his bag to start to go to his mini tour concert with his band. Mu-kyul said something to Mae-ri and said he will miss her badly plus he said that if something happen just call him and he will come immediately if he could. Then, he gave a soft kiss to Mae-ri's lips...

Mae-ri's dad came into the room and interrupt the love atmosphere and asked Mu-kyul to leave quickly...

Mu-kyul's band in the bus and they chit-chat happily. They making jokes and having fun together. But, Mu-kyul just sat quietly and didn't talked much. Yo-han said that Mu-kyul have to be fun and enjoy sometimes although he far away with Mae-ri...


At one of the university, a girl walking pass a group of girl and overheard they talking about Mu-kyul's band mini tour concert. A girl then entered the small mini fine art studio and sat in front of her canvas and start to paint. One by one she paint and eventually the painting turned out to be Mu-kyul??

To be continue...

What will happen next? What happen to Seo Jun after that? Who is actually 'a girl'??

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