Friday, April 22, 2011

2011.04.22 Cyworld Update

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It's raining. I like it so much. I just like it. I like the music too. I like the voice a lot. I really like it. Kkya- good!

비가 온다. 너무 좋다. 그냥 좋다. 노래도 좋다. 목소리가 참 좋다. 정말 좋다. 꺄- 좋다!

Song Title / Artist

1 Part of Your World - J Rabbit (제이레빗)

2 Amorejo - J Rabbit (제이레빗)

3 Asking About Tomorrow (내일을 묻는다) - J Rabbit (제이레빗)

4 These Days You (요즘 너 말야) - J Rabbit (제이레빗)

5 Thank You For The Music - J Rabbit (제이레빗)

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영


  1. emm..that's my angel..moonie..
    unnie..dun give up n always stay cheerful in ur life k..stay healthy,luv u..:)

  2. feeling sad again?
    music really helps a lot...
    and rain helps washes your sorrows away.
    and don't forget us, your fans are always here for you!
    you can do it...i know you can.
    stay healthy and happy!
    good luck on your studies!!!

  3. bong ah!!!!keep up ur goodwork..i just wish u the best of all..
    u are the best =)

    p/s..i love rain too, there is something in it that makes me love the rain so much..I think all the rabbits love it..(1987 too)



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