Monday, April 4, 2011

Marry Me Again, Mary! Chapter 4

CHAPTER 04: Finding Wi Mae-ri? (synopsis)

“Find this girl for me. Her name is Wi Mae-ri. Her age now is 25 and tall about 162 cm, have a chubby face and fair skin. Search her everywhere even you in underground. I don’t want any failure. Understand!”

The three guys walked off from Lee Hwan’s office. Lee Hwan still sat and thought for a while…


Mu-kyul and Mae-ri at their home and do some washing laundry together, having fun with each other and playing pipe water together while doing their laundry outside their house.

While Mae-ri and Mu-kyul doing their laundry together, two women from their neighbors pass through in front of their small house and whisper to each other.

Woman A: Omo! Look at that lovely couple!

Women B: Maybe they were newlyweds. (Both of them nod and walk away)

Mae-ri was hanging the laudry and suddenly Mu-kyul hugs Mae-ri from her back.

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ahh… did you see what I’m doing now?

Mu-kyul: I know… let be like this for a while… Mae-ri ahh… you are now my officially wife, right?

Mae-ri: Ye… why you ask that?

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh… I will protect you… and our baby… I promise…

Mae-ri: Arasso…


Seo Jun packed her bag and thought about her conversation with her dad.

Seo Jun’s dad: Seo Jun?

Seo Jun: …abeoji…?

Seo Jun’s dad: Seo Jun… your mother is dying…

Seo Jun continued packing her things and hurriedly take a taxi heading back to Seoul. On the way to her dad’s house, she remember the scenes where she decided to leave her home, family and everything because she want to be with Mu-kyul…

Seo Jun’s dad: NO MATTER WHAT!!!

I’ll never allow you to marry that musicians!!!

Seo Jun: I don’t care!!! No abeoji and eomonnie can stop me!! I’ll do as I want!!

Seo Jun’s mother: Seo Jun… think wisely before you act. Seo Jun… your abeoji and eomonnie love you so much that we want the best for you…

Seo Jun: Arghh!! You only said that! You never love me actually!! Abeoji, eomonnie… he is special to me and I love him. I love him more than you!!

Seo Jun’s dad: THAT’s ENOUGH!!! (slapped Seo Jin)

Seo Jun: That’s it!!! I’m out of here!!

Seo Jun’s mother: Seo Jun!! Seo Jun!!


The three guys who were hired by Lee Hwan to find Mae-ri drived everywhere to find her and search even outside Seoul.

Mu-kyul said goodbye to Mae-ri as he has to go to the recording studio.

Mu-kyul: I’ll be back soon. Take care okay…

Mae-ri nods.

As soon as Mu-kyul leaves the house, an unknown black car stop not far from their house. One of them in a car open the window and saw Mae-ri. Then, he looked at a picture of a girl and looked back at Mae-ri who now entered the house. Another one of them nods and then dialed up a number.

Guy A: Sir, I already find that girl you want.

Lee Hwan: Good job! Now, tell me where she live?

Lee Hwan hung up the phone. As he tought he also smiled. And said to himself. “I’m coming, Wi Mae-ri”


Mu-kyul went to recording studio to record a new song. After he finished recorded a new song, a manager came to him and told him about the contract to make mini tour concert with his band. Mu-kyul in dilemma whether he want to accept it or not. He want but he afraid to leave Mae-ri alone…


Seo Jun stood in front of her dad and mom’s house. Long she stood there before she pushed the bell-ring button. Her dad opened the door.

Seo Jun’s dad: Long time no see… Seo Jun…


Jung In and his dad arrived at the airport from Japan. Suddenly more reporters come to interview him. His bodyguard guard the way and quickly they gen into the car.

Jung In look outside the window...

(early their conversation...)

Jung In's dad: It's been a long time...

Jung In: Ye... it's been a long time...


Mu-kyul arrived at home and happily greeted by Mae-ri.

At the same time, Lee Hwan arrived and stopped his car not far from their house and smiled evil-full…

To be continue…

What will happen next? What happen to Seo Jun and her family? Why Lee Hwan want to do with Mae-ri? Why Jung In and his dad back to South Korea? Did Mu-kyul will accept the mini tour concert and leave Mae-ri?


  1. o.k. Yes, good.!

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  3. Pipit,EJ...good....thx for sharing...
    the song is snow flower..I knew someone like this song..hahaha

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  4. i wanna continue read...nice nice...

  5. AWESOME storyline! Totally can recommend this to become a script!

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  7. This story is so good! I can't wait to read the next chapter! ^^



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