Sunday, April 3, 2011

[News] Hallyu star JKS eyes the world with the launch of his Asia Tour

HS Media, Jang Keun Suk’s agent company in China, has officially announced the news of JKS Asia Tour 2011 on their website. Since the news is out, it has attracted large crowds of fans leaving messages at HS Media’s official website and Sina. The expected overwhelming response comes with good reason.

Due to his child actor background, Jang Keun Suk’s many years of acting experience resulted in his rapid growth. The drama “You are Beautiful” (YAB) in 2009 was an important milestone in his career. According to news, the China CEO of an international brand watched “You are Beautiful” at a friend’s recommendation and for someone like him who does not watch Korean drama, the CEO was deeply touched by the actor who played “Hwang Tae-kyung”. Besides being curious about the actor, the CEO had the idea of asking the actor to be his brand ambassador.

Just based on JKS’ acting skill alone, his movies prove most persuasive. In the movie “The Case of Itaewon Homicide”, the vicious-looking eyes of JKS’ character literally causes one to tremble in fear and leaves a deep impression; the aura that emanated from the character was overpowering. The CEO of HS Media, Jason, says, “After I watched ‘The Case of Itaewon Homicide’, the lingering effect was I dared not look JKS in the eye for quite some time.”

According to HS Media, JKS values the China market, and has the intention to work with good Chinese movie producers. HS Media has even received work offers from England and America, but Jason reiterates that the script is the most important. JKS is an artiste who places an emphasis on the importance of the script and has his own plans. Even if the financial gain is considerable, the script is of utmost priority. Looking at the entertainment circle today, most young celebrities are impetuous and materialistic, being overly concerned about the short-term monetary benefits, whereas this young man Jang Keun Suk born in 1987 always manages to be level-headed. An artiste who is very clear about his future path is quite rare. This explains why JKS still has a large group of loyal fans in fiercely competitive Korean showbiz where newcomers abound.

In 2010, “Marry me Mary”(M3) once again demonstrates the excellent acting skills of JKS. Before the broadcast of M3, various doubts about JKS duplicating his roles and unable to achieve a break-through had surfaced with regards to the similarity of the roles of Hwang Tae-kyung (in YAB) and Kang Mu-gyul since both roles are lead singers.

JKS said, “I am not a puppet who does what others tell me to, and walk a path that others have prepared for me. I want to create a world that belongs to me.”

Should we use “proudly untameable” to describe this actor? But then, JKS is also one who pays detailed attention to people around him. He would help his fellow colleagues fend off drinks. Even when he is exhausted to the point of collapse, he will persevere by sheer force of determination and break into genuine laughter to encourage and cheer on his fellow colleagues who are shouldering the battle with him. And the chauvinistic side of him obstinately refuses to admit that he has a gentle and sensitive side. The Chinese staff who had worked with JKS in his Asia Tour 2010 expressed that JKS is unlike the domineering roles that he played in the dramas – in reality, he is very friendly with a strong sense of justice and does not put on airs. He would joke around with the others and interact well with them. JKS is the polar opposite of their impression that Korean celebrities are more unapproachable.

The definition of a good professional actor is that he can give life to characters regardless of any external conditions. When you have seen the seemingly laidback and yet stubborn Kang Mu-gyul acted by JKS, you’ll completely forget Hwang Tae-kyung. There is no duplication in acting at all. One can only see from his eyes the charm that will steal away one’s heart.

Some comment that Jang Keun Suk is a miracle. He can give people surprises and hope. It seems as if he is by your side, and yet he’s standing on the tallest peak. Where is he? He wanders between the moment and eternity.

This is Jang Keun Suk – the new generation Hallyu star who is full of passion and ideas, possessing the ability to control his world, seriously serious and equipped with boundless charm that can conquer the world.

Credits: Sohu Korea
English translation: Aphrael77@jksforever's blog


  1. ilove jang geun suk

    -hannah from philippines :)

  2. pls come to the Philippines!

  3. I totally agree,he is truly a star.=)



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