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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Secret Meeting (synopsis)

[Take note]: I have change a little last scene of Chapter 9. I rewrite below.

Jung In arrived at his house. Suddenly Lee Hwan stopped his car near Jung In and came to him quickly.

Lee Hwan: Hye, you! (suddenly, he hit Jung In at his face)

Jung In nose bleeding.

Lee Hwan: (pull Jung In's collar) Don't ever get close to my Mae-ri! (push Jung In to the wall and leave with his car)

Jung In smiled to himself and said

Jung In: You got the wrong man...bad guy...(smiled)


Seo Jun drive her car and flash back what his father said to her earlier.

Seo Jun's dad: I want you... to give up acting.

Seo Jun speed up her car and drive away.


Mu-kyul walked out of his hotel and called Mae-ri.

Mu-kyul: Hello. Mae-ri ahh...

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ahh... why you call me this early.

Mu-kyul: Tonight i have my first tour concert.

Mae-ri: Today? Waa... good luck! Don't forget to record your show, okay?

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh... did you forget what i'm said yesterday? I want to meet you.

Mae-ri: But, that's impossible.

Mu-kyul: Just wait for me. I'm on my way. Just wait at the bus stop near your house, okay?

Mae-ri: But, i have to start my works today.

Mu-kyul: Can't you make a day off?


Mae-ri: Arasso... I'll try. (off phone)

Hwa-young: Oppa?

Mu-kyul: Oh..Little Hwa-young!

Hwa-young: I don't know you stay in here. Oppa, do you have anything to do, today?

Mu-kyul: Well... i want to meet someone...so... see you later! (smiled and leave)

Hwa-young feel depressed.


Mae-ri thought for a while. She then went to Lee Hwan's office and knocked the door.

Lee Hwan: Come in.

Mae-ri: Excuse me... sir.

Lee Hwan: (surprised) Don't call me sir. Just call me Hwan.

Mae-ri: I can't. You are my boss.

Lee Hwan: If that's the case... Well, i show you your desk. You can start working today. (standing)

Mae-ri: No!...I mean... well... can i start tomorrow?

Lee Hwan: (look at Mae-ri's eyes) But, why?

Mae-ri: Actually... I have things to do today. So... if you can give me one day off, perhaps...

Lee Hwan: You didn't even start to work. How come i can give you a day off?

Mae-ri: If that's the case... I think i should leave now...

Lee Hwan: (feeling like want to faint) WAIT!

Mae-ri: (turn back) Ye... ??

Lee Hwan: I give you a day off. But, tomorrow you should come to work.

Mae-ri: (surprised) Are you sure?! If that the case, i'm sure to come for work tomorrow. (happy) Thank you, sir!

Lee Hwan: Hwan.

Mae-ri: Arasso... Hwan. (bow and leave)

Then, Lee Hwan flashed back on his high school.

Mae-ri standing not far in front of Lee Hwan at back of the school.

Lee Hwan:...Wi Mae-ri... Sa...Sarangheyo!

Mae-ri: (Surprised) (silent...)

At the same time, there a few girls hiding at the corner and whisper.

Girl A: What's they doing?

Girl B: That boy is crazy, isn't he?

Mae-ri: I...I... I have to leave! (ran away)

Lee Hwan: Wait!!! Mae-ri!!! No! Don't!!

Lee Hwan stopped flashed back and shake his head.


Mae-ri went to the bus stop. She sat quietly and turn right and left to see if Mu-kyul is coming. Finally, Mu-kyul stopped in front of the bus stop after 30 minutes with a motorbike. Mae-ri felt curious. Mu-kyul opened his helmet.

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh!

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ahh? Where did you get this motorbike?

Mu-kyul: I borrowed from Ri-No. So, it's perfect! You wear pants. What you waiting for. Climb up behind me!

Mae-ri: (slowly climb up behind Mae-ri) Do you know how to ride these?

Mu-kyul: Hug me tightly! (speed up the motorbike)

Mae-ri: (scream)

Mu-kyul stopped in front the lake.

Mu-kyul: What do you think?

Mae-ri: Waaahh...It's so...beautiful!

Mu-kyul: (went to Mae-ri and hug her from behind) It's so beautiful like you.

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ahh... it's so embarrassing...

Mu-kyul: Why? There's nobody here.

Mu-kyul gave his kiss on Mae-ri lips...

Mae-ri and Mu-kyul were talking while holding their hands together. Mu-kyul suprised that he will late for the concert and quickly send Mae-ri home and rush back to the concert place.

Leo: Mu-kyul! Why are you so late! We're about to begin in 30 minutes!

Mu-kyul: I'm sorry. I am back already.

Leo: (saw Hwa-young) Hwa-young! (waves at her with smiles)

Hwa-young: (smiles back but then looking at Mu-kyul)

Mu-kyul and his band performed their show. Hwa-young watching them perform on stage. Many people screaming. Suddenly, Hwa-young saw Ji-hye (with So-ra) and turned away from them.


Seo Jun at her home. Sitting and thinking. Finally, she called someone.

Seo Jun: Hello, I want to make a media press.

To be continued...

© Hanimizuki

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