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Marry Me Again, Mary! Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Destiny: Part 1 (synopsis)

Mae-ri was confuse from what had happen just now. Then, she decided to call Mu-kyul. Mu-kyul's phone ringing. Hwa-young saw Mae-ri's name on the screen. She take the phone. Suddenly...

Mu-kyul: Hwa-young! What are you doing?

Hwa-young: No. Well...

Mu-kyul: Give my phone back.

Hwa-young: (give to him slowly)

Mu-kyul: (turn away and leave)

Hwa-young: (quickly ran to Mu-kyul and hug him from behide)... oppa... sarangheyo!

Mu-kyul: (shocked)

At the same time... the phone is on and Mae-ri heard what Hwa-young's said and quickly off the phone.


Jung In: Why? Why you decided to quit?

Seo Jun: It's non of your business... (turn and walk away)

But Jung In stop her by holding her arms. Seo Jun turn to Jung In and they stay quiet for a while...

Seo Jun: Let me go!

Jung In: No! After you tell me what's going on... why this sudden?

Seo Jun: (silent and looking away from Jung In) It's... it's family business... and that's all i can tell...

Jung In let Seo Jun go. Then, Seo Jun wipes her tears and walks away from Jung In....


Mu-kyul quickly get away from Hwa-young's hug and push her away.

Mu-kyul: What's going on with you!

Hwa-young: I'm sorry... oppa... actually, I'm in love with you!

Mu-kyul: I'm sorry... but I don't have any feeling towards you. I have to go now. (leave)

Hwa-young feeling depressed when she heard that... At the same time, Leo saw the scene and looked at Hwa-young...


Mae-ri on the way to her office. At the same time she get confussed. She wonder who is a person in that phone. She feel dizzy and can't breath anymore. Suddenly her view seem fuzzy and black and finally she fell down to the ground. At the same time, Lee Hwan on his way to cafeteria

and suddenly saw Mae-ri fell down and rushed to her.

Lee Hwan: Mae-ri! Mae-ri!

Unfortunately, Mae-ri didn't move. Lee Hwan panicked. He didn't know what to do. Quickly, he carried Mae-ri and rushed to outside. Suddenly, Jung In saw Lee Hwan carried Mae-ri while he entered his car. Jung In decided to follow Lee Hwan.


Hwa-young sat depressely and looked at Mu-kyul on the stage, rehearsing his performance. Hwa-young the flashed back when she was 9-year-old. Hwa-young was crying that time. Suddenly, Mu-kyul who was 11-year-old that time with an ice-cream at his hand gave the ice-cream to her.

Mu-kyul: Don't cry, little Hwa-young...Here this is for you.

Hwa-young: Thank you, oppa!

Mu-kyul: Now, Let's go home now. (take Hwa-young's hand)

Hwa-young: Oppa! When i'm grow up, I wanna marry you!

Mu-kyul: Okay, whatever you say, little Hwa-young! (smiled)

Hwa-young remembered her childhood day with Mu-kyul. Suddenly, she began to cry...


Mu-kyul already finish his rehearsal. He then called Mae-ri. But, Mae-ri didn't answered. Mu-kyul felt anxious and curious at the same time.


Lee Hwan carried Mae-ri and quickly entered the hospital.

Lee Hwan: Help me! Help! This lady is fainting!!!

A few nurse came and help him out. They bring Mae-ri to the emergency room. At the same time, Jung In saw what was happening. Then, he tried to call Seo Jun but she didn't anwer. So, he decided to sent text to her.


Mae-ri in a dark room. She opened her eyes slowly. She looked everywhere and realize she was in hospital. Then she saw a man in a dark coming to her slowly with a knife on his right hand... Mae-ri felt so frightened. A man slowly come to her and finally he appear as... Lee Hwan!

Mae-ri: .... to do??...

Lee Hwan: It's okay Mae-ri... It's gonna take a lil short time. I just want to take your little cute baby...

Mae-ri: N...No!! No!!, Please...DON'T!!!

To Be Continued...

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