Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moon Geun Young, Her Recent Structure of Brain, ‘Mid-term’ ‘Assignments’ ‘Strong Movie like ‘Thirst’’

An actress Moon Geun Young’s desire to study generates a lot of attention.

She is a senior majoring in Korean literature at Sung Kyun Kwan University and famous as a hard-working student. She prepares for all exams and assignments. She seems not even pursue searching for jobs or applying graduate school but she becomes a guiding student to others and many says, ‘She did as expected.’

Especially she prepares even small assignments by herself and makes professors and classmates do away with the stereotypes about stars’ college life.

Usually other star college students are in trouble with attending the classes, exams, or assignments. So many other students help them, but Moon Geun Young is exception.

One related person in Sung Kyun Kwan University said, “There is no people who do not know Moon Geun Young is a hard-working student. Because they know it, students who annoyed her are getting decrease except some returning students.”

What professors are most impressed are her assignments. She types all by herself and cites every reference. Moon Geun Young’s managers said, “She has mid-term ahead so that she could read nothing even though she received the scenario of next drama.”

People close to Moon Geun Young said, “She wants to appear on intense and strong movies” and added, “She said she felt attracted the character of Kim Ok Bin in Thirst and Jun Do Yun in ‘Secret Sunshine’” That is, she wants to try to act like creative and deep emotion way from soft melodrama or fancy character.

Scenario writer Kim Geun Cheol said, “Moon Geun Young became popular as younger sister for all people but she missed the chance to change her acting” and added, “But she will eliminate her images of kidult in 1~2 years as she shows mature acting.”



  1. go moonie go!!go go!!

  2. Come on! Gifted Moon, fighting! Hope to see you awarded at Cannes soon.



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