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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 5

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Main Cast & Characters:

  • Jang Geun Suk as Kang Mu-kyul
  • Moon Geun Young as Wi Mae-ri
  • Kim Hyo Jin as Seo Jun
  • Yoon Si Yoon as Lee Hwan
  • Kim Jae Wook as Jung In
  • Kim So Eun as Hwa-young

Chapter 5: Who Set The House Fire? (synopsis)

Mae-ri and Mu-kyul having a conversation about Mu-kyul's upcoming mini tour concert. Mu-kyul said the mini tour concert may take longer period and he worried to leave Mae-ri all alone. On the other side, Mae-ri encouraged Mu-kyul to take it anyway because they have to survive to get more money before Mae-ri give a birth. Mu-kyul then leave to meet up with the manager to sign the contract for his mini tour concert with his band.


Seo Jun entered her old home where she decided to leave to followed her heart with Mu-kyul and flash back the moments where all her family gather up and having fun. Her father showed her a room where her mother rest. Seo Jun then saw her mom lying all weakly and very ill on the bed. Seo Jun cried looking at her mom and feeling regret at the same time. Seo Jun said very sorry many times to her mom while her eyes full of tears. Her mom looking at Seo Jun and smiled weakly to her...


Mae-ri on the way to her job at bookstore. Suddenly she feel that someone was following her from back. She turned back but didn't suspect anyone. In the bookstore, while Mae-ri arranged the books at the rack, suddenly a guy accidentally collided Mae-ri and leave without said sorry to her. Mae-ri feel suspicious with that guy...


Jung In and his dad at their home in South Korea. He flash back his memory in that house. The he asked his father...

Jung In: Abeoji, why you said you want to come here, again?

Jung In's Dad: I have something important things to do. I want to meet someone...

Jung In: Who, Abeoji?

Jung In's Dad: Someone you already know...


After leave the company building, Mu-kyul dialed up a number to call Mae-ri:

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh... Let's meet up this lunch, can you?

Mae-ri: Ermm... I think i have time... Why?

Mu-kyul: How about we do some shopping?

Mae-ri: Shopping..?

Mu-kyul brings Mae-ri to baby shop where they take a look at all baby stuff and things. Mu-kyul said that he want baby boy but Mae-ri want a girl. Both of them teasing each other happily. After that, they have lunch together and talk about how much Mu-kyul will miss Mae-ri while he at the mini tour concert and how he couldn't get to see Mae-ri. Mae-ri comfort Mu-kyul by saying that she will be gonna fine.

While, Mu-kyul and Mae-ri having fun, Lee Hwan was following them from the beginning. Then, he called someone...

Lee Hwan: Now, i want you to do something for me...


Seo Jun at the kitchen to drink a glass of water when suddenly, her cellphone rang... and he looked at Jung In's name appeared on her phone...

Seo Jun: Hello, Jung In ssi...

Jung In: Where are you? Can we meet up?

Seo Jun: What? That's mean you are back in South Korea?

Seo Jun and Jung In met in restaurant where they have chit-chat together. Jung In asked Seo Jun if she accept another offer to film a drama or movie after her latest in China. But, Seo Jun answered that she want to take a rest first and sometimes she was tired to face with media and publics attention and to handle so many controversy although there sometimes were not true.


Mae-ri and Mu-kyul on the way back to their home. Suddenly they saw so many people in front of their house. And... finally they saw their house was burning of fire!

To be continue...

What will happen next? Who set the fire of Mu-kyul and Mae-ri's house? And who Jung In's dad want to meet?

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