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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Confessions: Part 1 (synopsis)

Lee Hwan stopped the car surprisingly.

Mae-ri: Ahhhhh!!!

Mu-kyul: (shocked) Mae-ri ahh!! Hello?? Mae-ri ahh!!?? Are you okay there??

Lee Hwan: Who... Who are you talking to?

Mae-ri: (looking at Lee Hwan) Ahh... Well... I'm talking to my...appa!! It's my appa!! Hello?? Appa!!! I'll call you back okay??

Mu-kyul: Hello?? Hello?? Mae-ri ahh!!??

Mae-ri: I'll call you back! Bye, appa!!

(looking at Lee Hwan back) So... can you send me now?

Lee Hwan: ... I'm sorry. (continue driving)

Mu-kyul feel suspicious about it. He thought for a while. Then, Yo-han came to Mu-kyul and said to him to get ready for next tour concert.


At media press. All photographers and reporters were waiting in the room. Suddenly, Seo Jun came into the room and sat in front all reporters.

(by the end of conversation)

Seo Jun: I have decided that... I want to give up acting and... leaving this industry.

At the same time, Jung In was watching the news on television and shocked when he watching what Seo Jun was saying.


Lee Hwan stopped the car in front of restaurant. Mae-ri said thank you and quickly enlighten from the car and walked inside the restaurant. Lee Hwan watching Mae-ri with depressed.

Mae-ri saw So-ra, Ji-hye and unknown girl in a round table. So-ra then saw Mae-ri and waves her hand to her. Mae-ri sat beside So-ra.

So-ra: It's been a long time!

Mae-ri: Yes, it is.

So-ra: So, how are you? Wait! I saw something different from you. You... looks more... chubby!! Look at your stomach!! Is it getting bigger?

Mae-ri: (feeling uncomfortable) Well... you will know one day... (smiles)

Ji-hye: Mae-ri, may i introduce to you my college's friend, Hwa-young. Hwa-young, this is Mae-ri.

Hwa-young: (smiles) Hello.

Mae-ri: (smiles back) Nice to meet you.

The girls having a chit-chat while eating their lunch together. Then, Hwa-young’s phone ringing and she got a message.

Hwa-young: Err… Well… I have to leave now. I have works to do.

Ji-hye: Why leave so early? You just met Mae-ri.

Hwa-young: I’m sorry. But, I have works to do.

Mae-ri: It’s okay. If you’re so busy, you can leave now.

Ji-hye: So… meet you later okay?

Hwa-young nodded. Then, she quickly leave the restaurant.

So-ra: Well… I don’t know but I feel curious about her.


Jung In tried to call Seo Jun but failed. Then he grabbed his car’s key and quickly leave his office.

Meanwhile, Mae-ri’s dad at home and flashed back what Jung In’s dad was said about Mae-ri’s mom and Jung In’s dad relationship before.


In the bus where Mu-kyul and his band about to leave for their next tour concert.

Leo: Where is her?

Mu-kyul sat at the back in the bus alone feeling depressed and curious about what just happen when he was talking to

Mae-ri. Suddenly, Hwa-young got into the bus.

Hwa-young: I’m sorry!!! I’m late!

Leo: It’s okay. At least, you come. Well, take a seat.

Hwa-young went to sit in front of Mu-kyul and Leo noticed that.


Jung In drive his car and try to call Seo Jun but again he failed to contact her. Jung In went to Seo Jun’s house but no one there.


Mae-ri walking with So-ra and Ji-hye. They talking and laugh with each other. Then, So-ra and Ji-hye took a taxi but Mae-ri don’t want to follow them and she continue to walk. Then, she remembered to call Mu-kyul.

Mae-ri: Hello, Mu-kyul ahh…

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh!!

(at the same time, Hwa-young heard Mae-ri’s name and feel curious)

Mae-ri: I’m sorry just now. Well… it’s complicated…

Mu-kyul: It’s okay. I just want you to be okay. Where are you?

Mae-ri: I met So-ra and Ji-hye just now. I’m on my way back to work.

Mu-kyul: Okay. Just don’t waste to much energy and stay healthy.

Mae-ri: Arasso…

Mu-kyul: Sarangheyo.

Mae-ri: (smiles) Sarangheyo!

Mu-kyul: (smiles) Bye-bye.

Hwa-young heard the conversations and feeling depressed at the same time…


Seo Jun at her dad’s house. She was in her room and looking at her ‘dead’ phone. Suddenly, Seo Jun’s dad came into her room.

Seo Jun: Abeoji…

Seo Jun’s dad: You make a great decision Seo Jun… I’m proud of you.

Seo Jun: I’m not doing it for you but for mother…

Seo Jun’s dad: That’s good. So, you’re ready?

Seo Jun: (silent)


Mu-kyul and his band have arrived at their new location for their tour concert. Then, all of them went to the stage for rehearsal.

Meanwhile, Mae-ri already in her office to continue her works. Then, she’s been asked to meet Lee Hwan in his room.

Lee Hwan: I’m apologize from my bad behaviors just now. Forgive me.

Mae-ri: It’s okay. I’m fine with it.

Lee Hwan: Mae-ri… can I ask you a question?

Mae-ri: … S-sure…

Lee Hwan: I want to know… why… you ran away from me after I confessed that I like you back then?


Mu-kyul and his band was rehearsing on the stage. Meanwhile, Hwa-young search for something and she found Mu-kyul’s phone?! Then she search something in his phone and finally… she saw Mae-ri’s photos in his phone!

To be continued…

© Hanimizuki

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