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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 11


Chapter 11 : The Past (synopsis)

Seo Jun at her home. Sitting and thinking. Finally, she called someone.

Seo Jun: Hello, I want to make a media press.


Mu-kyul and his band performed their show. Hwa-young watching them perform on stage. Many people screaming. Suddenly, Hwa-young saw Ji-hye (with So-ra) and turned away from them. Hwa-young try very hard to hide it from Ji-hye. Then, she ran to backstage.

After concert. Mu-kyul and his friends talking at the backstage. Hwa-young wanted to give mineral water to them. Suddenly, Ji-hye and So-ra came. Hwa-young quickly turn away

to hide her face from Ji-hye. They talking. Ri-No introduced So-ra as his girlfriend. Mu-kyul was so surprised.

Mu-kyul: Ri-No and So-ra? So-Ra and Ri-No? (laugh)

Ri-No: So? What's wrong with it?!

So-Ra: Just like you and Mae-ri! Mu-kyul and Mae-ri!

Mu-kyul: Why involves me?

(They all laugh)

Hwa-young heard all of it and feel shocked.


Mae-ri went to the office to start her works in there. Lee Hwan looking at Mae-ri through his windows in his office.


Mae-ri's dad was working at his small restaurant. Suddenly, Jung In's dad came. Mae-ri's dad was shocked but didn't said anything and continue his works.

Jung In's dad: Wi Dae-Han. Please, Let me explain something to you.

Mae-ri's dad stopped his work and looking at Jung In's dad.


Ji-Hye was walking with Hwa-young. Ji-Hye asked Hwa-young if she want to meet her friends at restaurant near Seoul. Hwa-young agreed to follow Ji-Hye.

Ji-Hye phoned Mae-ri and ask her to meet her and So-Ra at restaurant near Seoul because it has been long time since their last meeting.


Lee Hwan asked Mae-ri to go out lunch with him but Mae-ri refused because she already have planned with her friends to lunch out of Seoul. Lee Hwan offered to send Mae-ri there. After a long thoughts, Mae-ri agreed to it. Lee Hwan and Mae-ri walking out from office and Lee Hwan opened a passenger's car to Mae-ri. Jung In stopped his car and seen the scene in front of him looking suspiciously.


Mae-ri's dad and Jung In's dad sat in Mae-ri's dad restaurant quietly. Until Jung In's dad said to him that there were something misunderstanding that Mae-ri's dad should know the truth.

Jung In's dad: Actually, Mae-ri's mom... and I were used to be a lover.

Mae-ri's dad was shocked with that statement.

Jung In's dad: (flashed back) We were used to be a lover but... there were obstacles in out relationship. My dad doesn't approve our relationship... And her dad want her to find another better man to be her husband. I was worried to let her to be with another guy... so... i decided to introduce you with her. After i got married, i realized that you can make her happy, Dae-Han. I wouldn't worried if the guy is you. And... after i knew both of you ran away from her family and got married, my believe is stronger that you can make her happy until she died after giving birth to Mae-ri... I promised to myself. I want to get Mae-ri and Jung In marry each other. But, i will not come true now...

Mae-ri's dad: Is it true? But, why? Why you never told me before?

Jung In's dad: Because... i see, Mae-ri's mom completely fall in love with you, Dae-Han.


In the car, Mae-ri just sat quietly while Lee Hwan was driving. Suddenly, Mae-ri's phoned was ringing and Mae-ri answered it anyway.

Mae-ri: Hello?

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ahh!!! I miss you!!!

Mae-ri: Shh!! Not too loud! (whisper)

Lee Hwan was looking at Mae-ri suspiciously.

Mu-kyul: Why? Mae-ri ahh... Sa.Rang.He.Yo!!

Mae-ri: Ye..Ye..I know.

Mu-kyul: Whay i know about? Tell me that you love me!

Mae-ri: I can't. Not in here.

Mu-kyul: Say it! Say it! Say it!

Mae-ri: Aigoo.. Okay. Sarangheyo (fast).

Suddenly, Lee Hwan stopped the car and Mae-ri was screaming.

Mae-ri: Ahhhh!!!

Mu-kyul heard Mae-ri's voice and shocked!

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