Monday, April 4, 2011

[2011.04.04] Moon Geun Young Cyworld Update


[New white background with a person in a dinosaur pajama :) ]


New storyroom titled "Gga-Ggoong-" with a moving picture of a hand waving and eyes blinking :)

[note: Gga-Ggoong 까꿍 is a sound made when adoring and playing with a young baby to make the baby laugh.]


Moon Geun Young in Dinosaur Costume

The new cyworld background on MGY's cyworld is reminiscent of a picture she posted on her fansite in 2007.09.24. She also left the following note with the picture.

Wishing you all have a happy Thanksgiving day...^^

Hope you all have an exciting Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving day)... ^0^

Everyone happily... enjoyably... let's live loving each other like that!

Today an enjoyable day.. tomorrow an enjoyable day.. every every day an enjoyable day..

Though it can't always be like that.. of course it can't always be like that but..

Even so let's always live with an optimistic heart... us...^^

Just as you wish that I have such a heart...

I too wish that you will cherish a heart that is always happy...

Always remembering that... one's heart is another's heart...

Let's spend an enjoyable day today too^-^

I love you all... and fighting everyone!

source: Angels cafe

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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