Sunday, April 10, 2011

Nation's younger sister Moon Geun Young the gourmet

Good-looking CEO Park Taejun expressed he has a good feeling toward Moon Geun Young xi.

Aired on April 8 Y Star "Sik Sin Road" (God of Cookery) at a framous restaurant around Sunkyunkwan University, in front of delicacies, Park Taejun expressed his good feeling toward Moon Geun Young xi.

During the good side dishes and main dishes served, God of Cookery members cried "Yummi".

Resturant boss nicely came to the table and introduced meat dishes, Park Taejun asked" Did you know Moon Geun Young xi came here?" boss replied "when she went to school, she once came here".

Park Taejun: Born in 1985, member of Flower Men Corp. His debut 2009 Comedy TV Ulzzang (Best Face) Generation season 2.


Jang Keun Suk ssi~ Be careful!! kekeke

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