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[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Episode 02: Marry Me, Mary!(Synopsis)

Mae-ri on the way home and keep thinking whether she should tell Mu-kyul about her pregnant. Mae-ri was in dilemma as she got pregnant before she and Mu-kyul get marry and how people around them will respond about her getting pregnant without even get marry first. She also imagined what will Mu-kyul reactions towards the news whether he will love it or not.


Meanwhile, Mae-ri's dad was watching television while eating his meal and suddenly saw a clips of Mu-kyul performed with his band at a mini concert at Seoul yesterday now showing on the television.

Mae-ri's dad nearly choked his food while seen this scene in front of the television.

Mae'ri's dad: Aigoo... that rascal is brave enough to show-off his girly punk face in front of TV!! Aigoo... Mae-ri ah, where are you right now, i hope you do not live in destitute with that girly punk...


Mu-kyul packed his things and ready to go home. Then, he remember to call Mae-ri to tell her that his on the way home.

Mu-kyul: Mae-ri ah... how do you do there? Did you miss me a lot?

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ah... of course i miss you a lot. I'm fine here. How's your performance there?

Mu-kyul: Great. We have a lot of income but i have to divide among to my gang...

Mae-ri: It's okay, we works out later... Mu-kyul ah... There is something important you should know...

Mu-kyul: What is it?

Mae-ri: I don't want to tell you right away. Please be back home safely, ok?


Meanwhile, Seo Jun was back from China where she have a filming shoot there. Seo Jun decided to take a rest from showbiz and get away from media and publics. She then decided to take a holiday all by herself and heading out to away from Seoul where only less people recognize her.


Mae-ri's dad went out to buy some groceries. Suddenly he was accidentally hit by an expensive black car from the other direction. A man (Lee Hwan) with black suit come out in rush from the driver's seat and went to Mae-ri's dad.

Lee Hwan: What the heck is this old man doing?? Is he blind or what?? Aigoo... I will be late if keep going like this. jaa.. old man!! Wake up!! Are you okay?? Aishh...

Mae-ri's dad wake up slowly as his left legs injured.

Lee Hwan: Old man! Are you okay?? I'm in hurry, so anything that i can help you, now?

Mae-ri dad: Aigoo...Aigoo..This man are really getting my tempered high. Hye! You! Do you blind?? Don't you see me walking this way??

Lee Hwan: Sorry, but i'm in hurry... (take out a lot amount of money from his wallet) Here, you can use it for medical treatment or whatever you want to do... (Leave Mae-ri's dad alone)

Mae-ri's dad: Aigoo... this man are really pissing me off!


Mu-kyul already arrived at home where Mae-ri greet him back. Mae-ri's cook a delicious food for Mu-kyul to celebrate his first band mini concert. And they having chit-chat together while eating their meals...

(this is what happen at nearly the last of their conversation)

Mae-ri: Mu-kyul ah... there something i wanted to tell you while you in Seoul...

Mu-kyul: Ermm! What is that? The one you said on the phone just now, right?

Mae-ri: 'ye'... actually this is something unexpected things to happen...

Mu-kyul: Ermm...what it is? (Mu-kyul was enjoying his food)

Mae-ri: Well... actually...i...i'm...pregnant...

Mu-kyu: Oh...i see... you're pregnant....(without realizing it)...pregnant...PREGNANT WHAT!!??


Seo Jun arrived at unknown hotel and check-in there. She entered her room and and seat at the sofa. Finally, she sigh...


Mu-kyul was really shocked after Mae-ri told him that she was pregnant. Both of them having a discussion on how they want to solve it. They didn't want their neighbors to think bad of them because of this unexpected incident. At last, Mu-kyul find a solution which is...

Mu-kyul: There's no other ways... for the sake of our baby that will then grow in your belly... there will no other ways... Mae-ri ah...Let's get marry right away!

To be continue...

What will happen next? Did Mu-kyul and Mae-ri get marry? What happen to Seo Jun? And who is actually Lee Hwan?

Stay tuned for chapter 3...

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