Friday, April 8, 2011

Moon Geun Young interview on Where is Your Star DVD

originally from mee's Chinese translation
translated by vam@GGCbaidu

Moon Geun Young's interview

First impression on Keun Suk?
(I) once as MC in SBS award, remember when we first met, we were awkward and only said a few words. Cos I was the first to be MC, I made many mistakes. He helped me a lot, look after me and left a good impression on me.

Jang Keun Suk as a actor?
Watching Keun Suk acting on TV or in movies, and the process of choosing works, I think he is eager to act, want to act happily and seriously. In fact,at this age, plus gorgeous appearance, though except acting skills, he has many talents, but he was not confused. He is keeping worrying about his acting skills,so I ever hoped to meet him and act with him in a drama. Cos (I) can chat with Keun Suk, get well along with him. It feels good, and very interesting.

Jang Keun Suk in dailylife
Like wines! everytime (I) see him,greeting him saying did you drink yesterday?
Suk: (I) said I didn't drink
Moon: Swollen
Suk: I'm fine
Moon: drank yesterday?
Suk: no
Moon: I'm sure you did drink
Suk: I really didn't drink
(He) is considerate , look after staff, and also care about the actors who cooperated with him. Looking at this, I felt deeply he was a very warm person, broad-minded person.

One word to Keun Suk
Hope (we) can happily rely on each other, help each other, cheerfully wrapped the shooting up. Though it's a short time, I will strive to make the worthy shoot set that can be eternal keeping it in memory and also want to recall. Wish you won't be sick, fighting until the end!keke~

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