Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Moon Geun Young Donate Angel vs the Best Woman of Destiny

News source: BNT news, BreakNews, JKSTARS, StarMK etc the Korea medias

recap and translated by Ivy @moonsclub

Singer Kim Jang-hoon, Moon Geun-young 'sharing, caring, a rising star' were selected as #1 and #2 respectly

April 20, 2011 the Disability Mentoring Day, according to the questionnaire "'who is the sharing, caring, a rising star?" surveyed to 523 disabled patients during April 1 to April 18 given by 7Star instructor EDU representatives, resulted Kim Jan-hoon (201 patients votes 38.4%) no. 1, followed by Moon Geun-young (173 patients, 33.1%) ranked #2.

Kim Jang-hoon contributed more than 10 billions wons to those poor and childhood cancers patients , he donated most of his incomes of performances and CF to social ideal.

Moon Geun Young donated 800 millions wons (2008 Social Welfare Community Chest at her early 20s anonymously).

News source: Sports Chosun and TVReport
recap and translated by Ivy @moonsclub

The survey held by Cine21 Seoul from April 1 to April 18, the result of "Who is the ideal actress of Korean version of 'Jane Eyre'?" revealed, Li Min Jung (SBS Midas마이더스) rcvd overwhelming support from the netizens at the rating of 50.8%. Nation's Younger Sister Moon Geun Young rcvd 36% of support ranked #2.

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