Friday, April 29, 2011

[2011.04.29] Moon Geun Young Cyworld Update


Is it this week? Euheuheu-

이번주인가? 으흐흐-


Waiting for Yuna Kim's Giselle... Pitapat Pitapat (Dugeun Dugeun)- ///▽///

연아킴의 지젤을 기다리며... 둑흔둑흔- ///▽///

Song Title / Artist

1 El Tango De Roxanne - The Most (더 모스트)

2 Strauss: Die Fledermaus 스트라우스: 박쥐 : 서곡 (김연아) - Slovak State Philharmonic Orchestra

3 Danse MacAbre In G Minor Op. 40 - Renaud Capucon

4 James Bond Theme (From '007 Deadly Number 살인번호') - John Barry Orchestra

Note: Yuna Kim has previously skated to these songs in competition. She will also be competing in the World Figure Skating Championships in Moscow on April 29th for her short program and April 30th for her free skate. Yuna Kim fighting!

credits to and translations by Soompi Moons문근영

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