Monday, April 4, 2011

[FANFIC]Marry Me Again,Mary! Chapter 1

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Synopsis of Marry Me Again, Mary!

Episode 01: One Night Stand

Kang Mu-kyul and Wi Mae-ri decided to running away from Mae-ri's dad, once again this time they went to far away place from Seoul. Because of Mae-ri's dad is still don't want to approve and accept their relationship.

Mae-ri's dad still believes that there are plenty of men out there are much better to his daughter than Mu-kyul.

Luckily, Mae-ri and Mu-kyul have find a small house to rent with a cheaper amount to pay. At the same time, they have talked about their future and how to survive in life. Mu-kyul has decided to sign a new contract with a small company there, while Mae-ri decided to work at an old bookstore there. Both of them were really concern about their financial and to support each other to have a better life.

Meanwhile, Mae-ri's dad refused to search for her and Mu-kyul because he is still upset with her daughter's behaviors. And he believes that one day, her daughter will come back to him too soon.

On that night, they shared a same blanket and mattress as they only bought one for them and comfort each other until Mu-kyul gave a soft kiss to Mae-ri's lips. And at the same night, they have their first 'one night stand' without realizing what will coming next...

On the next day,Mu-kyul got a phoned by his company and had asked by the company to make a mini concert at Seoul with a lot of income but have to stay at there for a week. Mu-kyul afraid to leave Mae-ri alone and he doesn't want to go away from her. On the other hand, Mae-ri convinced to Mu-kyul and she will support him and can wait for him to get back although she will miss him. They make a promise to call each other everyday so, they can overcome their longing feeling towards each other.

A few weeks later, Mu-kyul said goodbye to Mae-ri as he have to go to Seoul for his mini concert there for a week and promise to always call her when he free. Mae-ri then go back in house when she realize something not right with her. She feel dizzy and something not right with her body. Suddenly, she felt like vomiting a few times and then decided to go to clinic for check-up.

Mae-ri didn't realize and thought she got only a small ache and will get well soon until she went to the clinic and the doctor congratulated to her has been pregnant for a week!

To be continue...



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